Frequently Asked Questions

Published on March 31, 2022 by Nicole Mara
Frequently Asked Questions

Statistically, if one person in a group has a question, at least five other people will have the same one. So if you need something clarified, it’s probably a question we’ve received!

This page will soon have all the answers to common questions about Perfect Wiki setup, features, and documentation.

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FAQ: What is a wiki anyway?

A wiki is any site containing information on a subject that is contributed to by multiple people and updated regularly. Wikis can take the form of a web page with public topic-specific information (like an encyclopedia), or they can be dedicated to a company’s internal knowledge base (like Perfect WIki).

FAQ: What is a wiki page?

We use the term wiki page to describe a page in Perfect Wiki that contains your company’s shared knowledge on a topic, procedure, or department. Your team members can contribute their expert knowledge to a Perfect Wiki page to create a shared body of information for team members or customers to refer to.

You can fit as much information as you want on one wiki page (no word count limit), or create separate subpages to group content by subtopic, which will show up in your workspace as separate documents under their parent page.

FAQ: Does a subpage count as a page?

Yes. Subpages are actually the same thing as a page, they are just located under a parent page. So if you have the Free Plan, you will have a limit of 25 pages per channel, including any subpages you create (e.g. 1 page with 1 subpage is 2 pages total).

FAQ: Do I need to manually add members to Perfect Wiki?

Nope. All the members of your organization will automatically have access to the Perfect Wiki workspace once it is added to a channel.

FAQ: How secure is Perfect Wiki?

All user content is stored within US and EU regions of Google Cloud. All data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2+ with perfect forward secrecy. Servers holding user data will use full disk, industry-standard AES 256 encryption. Read More

FAQ: Can I export my content?

If you do decide you want to export your Perfect Wiki content, you can do so at any time via the app setting in PDF or HTML format. Also you can print any page right from the Microsoft Teams client.

FAQ: Does Perfect Wiki have version control?

Perfect Wiki has a built-in version control system. Go to "Version history" next to any page to browse through revision history and restore to earlier versions.

FAQ: Can I lock a Perfect Wiki page from being edited?

Yes, Perfect Wiki lets you give full access to select users, while the rest have read-only access. Go to "Accounts and settings" > "Editors" to change permissions.

FAQ: Can I import content from the Microsoft Teams built-in wiki or other sources?

Yes, with help of Perfect Wiki you can export content from the Microsoft Teams built-in wiki and import it to your Perfect Wiki workspace. Read "How to Export Your Content from the MS Teams Built-in Wiki."

You can also import content in .docx, .html, .mht, .txt, and markdown format.

FAQ: What is the difference between Atlassian Confluence and Perfect Wiki?

Perfect Wiki is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and works natively. You don't need to think about integrations, accounts, and other complex things for non-IT users. Confluence doesn't integrate well with MS Teams. Read more in "Perfect Wiki vs Confluence."

FAQ: How does Perfect Wiki integrate with Microsoft Teams? Does it replace the Teams wiki or just add a search function?

Perfect Wiki is a feature-rich replacement for the built-in Microsoft Teams Wiki. It's fully integrated into MS Teams and works natively, adding many features the built-in wiki lacks, full-text search included.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't allow third-party apps to add a full-text search to the built-in wiki. There's a workaround though, read about it here.

FAQ: Can I move or copy a Perfect Wiki page to a different channel?

Perfect Wiki has a feature to move any of its pages to a different channel inside Microsoft Teams.

FAQ: How do I remove members from Perfect Wiki?

Perfect Wiki inherits access rights from Microsoft Teams, so if you remove a member from your organization in MS Teams altogether, they won’t have access to Perfect Wiki.

To remove someone from your Perfect Wiki workspace in a specific MS Teams team, Go to the “...” menu next to the team name, choose “Manage team” > “Members.” Hit the “X” next to the person’s name to remove them. They will lose access to the team and to all its Perfect Wiki data.

You can remove a member from your organization in the Admin Center (This blog post we wrote shows you how to access your unique admin portal).

FAQ: How do I embed a video into a Perfect Wiki page?

To embed a video that plays right inside a page, simply copy the YouTube URL of the video and paste it anywhere on the page.

Right now it’s not possible to upload a playable video from your device right to Perfect Wiki, but you can use YouTube as a workaround. If you have a video on your device that you want to embed as a playable video on a page, you will need to create a free YouTube account and upload your video there.

You can make your YouTube channel private, so no one else will see the videos that you upload.

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