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Top-rated app in Microsoft Teams store4.7

The tool is amazing!

“We use Perfect Wiki as online and print available information source option for our employees. There are many times when a printed version is necessary”

👩  Andrea Wells
Business Analyst, The Greenbrier Companies
Exactly what we need

“Very happy about how it works and how easily we can now avoid people from unintentionally edit wikis, and also keep information much more prominent and easy to search/find. This is a really good addition to MSFT Teams for Wikis, something quite incredible MSFT did not do themselves but thankfully someone did.”

👦  Jorge Azofeifa
Program Director, Hangar Worldwide
We like to use it

“The Perfect Wiki is much better than the Microsoft Wiki. We like to use it. The support is also excellent. Response times and bug fixes are extremely fast. Integration is also easy.”

👦  Phillip Gabold
Cloud Migration & Implementation Specialist, Accenture DACH
Very easy to use

“The built-in wiki in Teams is sorely lacking some basic wiki features like permissions, search, and copy/paste. PerfectWiki nailed all those pain points. Works as intended and is very easy to use.“

👦  Christian Ocampo
IT Director, National Health Foundation
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Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration

Perfect Wiki was built for Teams. Work on your company goals, collaborate, and easily find corporate info and documents all under one roof.

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Ready-to-Use Templates

From Company Story guidelines to Competitor Analysis charts, we’ve got you covered. (And more templates are on the way!)

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Full-Text Search

Find any document within seconds—our typo-tolerant search engine tackles all channels and file types at once.

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Customizable Editing Rights

Choose who can edit and view wiki pages while granting the rest of your company read-only

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Share your pages with external users as HTML, PDF or DOCX files, or by printing them right from Teams.

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Use Perfect Wiki on Any Device

Don’t lose precious transit time—write, edit, and respond to comments from your smartphone or tablet right from your Teams app.

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All the wiki functions you need at the best value.
Unlimited users no matter what plan you choose

FreeFor smaller teams$0
  • up to 15 wiki pages
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited channels &
  • teams in your tenant
StandardFor growing companies$29/month
  • up to 200 wiki pages
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited channels &
  • teams in your tenant
Best seller
AdvancedFor larger enterprises$62.5/month
  • up to 1,000 wiki pages
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited channels &
  • teams in your tenant

Common questions

Can I export my content?

If you do decide you want to export your Perfect Wiki content, you can do so at any time via the app setting in PDF or HTML format. Also you can print any page right from the Microsoft Teams client.

How secure is Perfect Wiki?

All user content is stored within US and EU regions of Google Cloud. All data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2+ with perfect forward secrecy. Servers holding user data will use full disk, industry-standard AES 256 encryption.

Does Perfect Wiki has version control?

Perfect Wiki has built-in version control system. You can browse through page revision history and restore to earlier versions.

Can I lock the Perfect Wiki page from being edited?

Yes, Perfect Wiki allows you to give a full access to only a couple of people, with the rest having view only.

Can I import content from Microsoft Teams built-in wiki or other sources?

Yes, with help of Perfect Wiki you can export content from the Microsoft Teams built-in wiki and import it to the PerfectWiki. Also you can import content from the Microsoft Word or html, mht, txt, markdown files.

What is the difference between Atlassian Confluence and Perfect Wiki?

Perfect Wiki is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and works natively. You don't need to think about integrations, accounts and other complex things for non-IT users.

How does Perfect Wiki integrate with Microsoft Teams? Does it replace the Teams wiki or just add a search function?

Perfect Wiki is a feature rich replacement for the built-in Microsoft Teams Wiki. It's fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and works natively. You can easily import all the pages from the built in wiki. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't allow 3-rd parties to add full-text search into their wiki.

Can I move or copy a Perfect Wiki page to a different channel?

Perfect Wiki has a feature to move any of its pages to a different channel inside Microsoft Teams.

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