Let AI answer repetitive questions instead of you right in Microsoft Teams

Effortlessly turn your company knowledge into a powerful, always-evolving AI-powered help center that understands and supports your colleagues and customers right in Microsoft Teams.

Perfect Wiki in Microsoft Teams

Top-rated app in Microsoft Teams storeβ˜…4.9

Top service and customer orientation

β€œPerfect Wiki provides fast and friendly service, and demonstrates a desire to accommodate customer needs in its product. Collaborative work is also quick and easy.”


Christian G.

Security and Investigations

The best for documenting procedures in MS teams

β€œIn perfect Wiki we found: safe procedures, multiple sharing options, constant updates, fantastic customer support and much more!”


Robin S.

ICT Manager

Way better then other solutions

β€œPerfect Wiki helps creating nice documents quickly and easily, and collaborating with teams to share and discuss information.”


Eric K.

Executive Director

Turn scattered SOPs, FAQs, manuals, and guides into a self-service HelpΒ Center

Perfect Wiki is integrated into your employees' workflow. It works right inside Microsoft Teams, so users don't waste time switching contexts and get all the answers they need immediately within the Microsoft Teams environment.

πŸ“ Pin Help Center in your Teams personal chat or channels

✍️ View, Create & Edit content right inside Microsoft Teams

πŸ“ Create Multiple Knowledge Bases for Each Department or Team

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Let AI Answer Questions Instead of You, Right in Microsoft Teams

An AI chatbot will reply to your colleagues' and customers' questions with 100% AI-generated answers based on your data.

  • πŸ“ Pin AI chatbot in your Teams chat or channels
  • 🌎 Get answers in the same language you ask your questions
  • πŸ“š Get direct links to related articles for further reading
Sample Report

πŸ“Š Weekly Activity Report #20

Here’s your weekly update on the activity within Perfect Wiki knowledge base from 10 May to 17 May 2024. You could find full report in the Analytics section of Perfect Wiki admin panel.

🧐 Pages Views

  • Total pages views: 2 511

πŸ† Most viewed pages

  • Help Center / What's New (48 views)
  • Help Center / Having Trouble Signing In? (46 views)
  • Help Center / Getting Started (33 views)
  • Help Center / Notifications (29 views)
  • Help Center / Roles (27 views)
  • Help Center / Security at Perfect Wiki (23 views)

✍️ Content Updates

  • Created pages: 9
  • Updated pages: 35
  • Moved to trash: 0

πŸ‘₯ Community Engagement

  • New comments: 0

πŸ•΅ Search & Bot Queries

  • Total queries: 78

⭐️ Popular Search Queries

  • is there a way to post a new update into a team channel chat?
  • email templates
  • pricing
  • feedback

πŸ˜‘ Queries w/o answer

  • will the application have support azure mfa (bot query)
  • how much does perfect wiki cost? (bot query)
  • application business value (search query)

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»οΈ User Engagement

  • Active users: 2 (signed in at least once in the last week)
  • Total users: 3

❀️ You & Perfect Wiki

  • Total channels: 12
  • Perfect Wiki knowledge base has been a reliable source of truth for more than a year

Improve your knowledge base with AI-generated weekly reports.

100% AI-generated weekly reports will help you understand what data is missing, what is outdated, and what should be updated.

  • πŸ† Identify the Most Popular Content
  • πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»οΈ Track who created, updated, or removed a page
  • πŸ•΅ Discover which search or bot queries return no results

βœ… Endorsed by Microsoft

Perfect Wiki App on Microsoft Build

"Seeing Perfect Wiki highlighted in the Build 2024 keynote with stellar reviews made my day! A truly great app."

Sindhu Sundaravadivelu

Senior Product Manager, Teams Ecosystem, Microsoft

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί GDPR Compliant

Servers located in the EU and the USA.

πŸ”’ Perfectly Encrypted

User content is encrypted in transit with perfect forward secrecy.

πŸ” Automatic Backups

Automatic data backup stored for up to 60 days.

How does Perfect Wiki compare to other knowledge base solutions?

Perfect Wiki integrates seamlessly into your employees' workflow within Microsoft Teams, providing instant answers without the need to switch contexts.

Other knowledge bases

  • ❌External help center not connected to Microsoft Teams
  • ❌No integration or very complex integration with Microsoft Teams channels & chats
  • ❌External admin panel to create & edit content
  • ❌No or very limited reports on knowledge base performance
  • ❌No integration with Microsoft Single Sign-On
  • Weekly Reports

PerfectΒ Wikiβ„’

  • Add a Help Center Tab to Any Channel in Microsoft Teams
  • Add AI Chat Bot to any Microsoft Teams channel
  • Create & Edit content right inside Microsoft Teams
  • Weekly AI-Powered Reports
  • Single Sign-On with Microsoft
  • Integration with Microsoft CoPilot / SharePoint / Office365

Pricing Plans

NEED CUSTOM PLAN? Get unlimited users, custom requests limits, custom contract, payment via invoice/PO etc. Contact Us!



For small team



Features Included

  • 1 Knowledge Base
  • 3 Users Included
  • Additional User ($15/month each)
  • Branding
  • AI Editor Assistant
  • AI ChatBot (up to 100 req/month)
  • Internal or Public Knowledge Base
  • Professional Email Support
Most popular


For growing businesses



Everything in Pro, and:

  • Up to 3 Knowledge Bases
  • 15 Users Included
  • Additional User ($8/month each)
  • AI ChatBot (Up to 500 req/month)
  • Up to 3 Video Support Sessions


For large businesses



Everything in Ultimate, and:

  • Up to 30 Knowledge Bases
  • 100 Users Included
  • Additional User ($4/month each)
  • Ability to remove `Powered by Perfect Wiki` label
  • Scheduled backups
  • AI ChatBot (Up to 1k req/month)
  • Dedicated Success Manager
Kate Aaron - Senior Director of Operations, Huddled Masses

β€œIn Perfect Wiki we were able to find everything we needed. As a small team, we didn't need anything robust, but something to house documentation flow for our organization. What's the most appealing in Perfect Wiki for us is: a software to house FAQs, How-to, information and support documents.”

Kate Aaron

Senior Director of Operations, Huddled Masses

Frequently Asked Questions

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Robin Steen - Head of the ICT department at ARhus

β€œUsers are not losing time with the layout of their document or with finding the correct procedure they currently need. No one needs a manual to set up a page or edit the documents. Plus, knowing the documents can be retrieved, or rolled back to a previous version, gives great comfort to the IT-department.”

Robin Steen

Head of the ICT department at ARhus

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