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Perfect Wiki for Microsoft Teams

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Top service and customer orientation

Perfect Wiki provides fast and friendly service, and demonstrates a desire to accommodate customer needs in its product. Collaborative work is also quick and easy.

👦  Christian G.
Security and Investigations
The best for documenting procedures in MS teams

In perfect Wiki we found: safe procedures, multiple sharing options, constant updates, fantastic customer support and much more!

👦  Robin S.
ICT Manager
Way better then other solutions

Perfect Wiki helps creating nice documents quickly and easily, and collaborating with teams to share and discuss information.

👦  Eric K.
Executive Director
User-friendly easy to use tool

Perfect Wiki offers a modern interface seamlessly integrated into MS Teams, allowing users to easily structure data and collaborate. Support is fast and helpful.

👤  Verified User
Financial Services

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Up to 25 pages per channel
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Everything in Free, plus:

Unlimited number of pages
30 last versions page history
5 MB max file size
Copy pages between channels
Share pages with external users
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Premium features:

Concurrent readers
Scheduled backups
Company branding
Unlimited max file size
Public knowledge base
Personal support manager

Security and Privacy

Your privacy and security are our priority. We take measures to protect your content and personal information:

Security at Perfect WikiFull GDPR compliance
Security at Perfect WikiUser content is encrypted in transit with perfect forward secrecy
Security at Perfect WikiAutomatic data backup stored for up to 60 days

Common questions

What is a wiki anyway?

A wiki is any site containing information on a subject that is contributed to by multiple people and updated regularly. Wikis can take the form of a web page with public topic-specific information (like an encyclopedia), or they can be dedicated to a company’s internal knowledge base (like Perfect Wiki).

How secure is Perfect Wiki?

All user content is stored within US and EU regions of Google Cloud. All data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2+ with perfect forward secrecy. Servers holding user data will use full disk, industry-standard AES 256 encryption.

Does Perfect Wiki has version control?

Perfect Wiki has built-in version control system. You can browse through page revision history and restore to earlier versions.

Can I lock the Perfect Wiki page from being edited?

Yes, Perfect Wiki allows you to give a full access to only a couple of people, with the rest having view only.

Can I import content from Microsoft Teams built-in wiki or other sources?

Yes, with help of Perfect Wiki you can export content from the Microsoft Teams built-in wiki and import it to the PerfectWiki. Also you can import content from the Microsoft Word or html, mht, txt, markdown files.

Do I need to manually add members to Perfect Wiki?

Nope. All the members of your organization will automatically have access to the Perfect Wiki workspace once it is added to a channel.
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