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March 24, 2022  • 3 min read

About our company. Perfect Wiki story

Microsoft users asked, and we listened. Perfect Wiki is a privately owned knowledge database designed for Microsoft Teams channels. Our founder, Ilia, noticed how frustrating and limited the built-in MS Teams wiki was, and set out on a mission to create the most effective replacement possible.

And in 2020, his project met its first users. In a year when the whole world was adapting to remote work, Ilia jumped in with a solution to company knowledge management that would convert even the most reluctant virtual workspace user. Perfect Wiki took off in the MS Teams metaverse almost immediately - we organically grew from 0 to 2000 users from all over the world.

And we’ve been bootstrapped since the very beginning. That means we do not have any external investors, our SaaS is a labor of love that Ilia continues to invest in, financially and personally, every day.

The hard work Perfect Wiki’s team has put in has not gone unnoticed - we are now rated the #1 wiki solution for Microsoft Teams. And thanks to the overwhelming support of our loyal users, Perfect Wiki is growing daily.

Why do people choose Perfect Wiki over other wiki solutions?

  • We are committed to constant improvement and lifelong learning
  • We stay connected with our free and paid subscribers
  • We take user suggestions and make features/templates based on their needs
  • We make knowledge sharing for MS Teams SIMPLE with the most SOPHISTICATED features
Perfect Wiki’s mission is one of simplicity - we want all remote companies using MS Teams to create, store, and share company resources hassle-free where they need it most - in Teams channels.

About the team

Ilia Pirozhenko (Founder)

Ilia. Founder of Perfect Wiki

Ilia is a professional software engineer with 10+ years of experience. At the start of his career, he worked for large enterprise companies (banks, insurance & reinsurance). He was surprised by the clunky software that large companies used and by the lack of alternatives to it. He firmly believes that the productivity of the modern employee is directly related to the quality of the UI and UX of software being used.

Ilia started his entrepreneurial journey 5 years ago by developing an open-source document search engine that was greatly appreciated by the community and enterprise companies.

When Covid 19 made it clear that remote work was the future of work Ilia decided to start his own company - Perfect Wiki, which helps remote teams stay on top of their company's knowledge base.

Ilia loves connecting with Perfect Wiki users, so drop him a line if you need help or support at ilia@perfectwiki.com

Join Perfect Wiki team

Want to join the team?

Perfect Wiki is looking for people who are passionate about the possibilities of remote collaboration. If you want to join a team of creatives dedicated to improving the Microsoft Teams experience for all, send us a message to hello@perfectwiki.com. We are a remote-first team and accept applications from anywhere in the world.

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