Unique Virtual Background for Your MS Teams Meetings: Pigeon Party

Published on April 13, 2022 by Nicole Mara

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! We thought about making a background with bunnies and yellow chicks, but honestly, pigeons are just more universal.

If you’ve already used our other custom backgrounds in your virtual calls, we assume you try not to take life too seriously. To help you keep that reputation with your team, we’ve made a new goofy background with pigeons and spaceships. We hope it helps break the ice before your morning meetings!

The background is available in original or mirrored format.

Unique Virtual Background for Your MS Teams Meetings: Pigeon Party
Download high resolution background for Microsoft Teams: OriginalMirrored

How do I add custom backgrounds to my Teams meetings?

  1. Download the unique custom background by clicking the links under the image
  2. Open a meeting in Teams and click the “More Options” dropdown menu on the top toolbar
  3. Click “Apply background effects” and go to “Add new” at the top
  4. Add the new background from the folder or image file you just downloaded and click “Apply”
  5. Voila! Now even your most somber calls will be a bit more lighthearted :)

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