Perfect Wiki Is Changing Pricing Plans on March 5, 2023

Published on March 05, 2023 by Ilia P
Perfect Wiki new pricing model

We are very grateful that you continue choosing Perfect Wiki for your business. Everyday we work to make Perfect Wiki an even more convenient and effective tool for our customers.

We pay a lot of attention to our customers’ requests and needs. We introduced new functionalities in order to make Perfect Wiki better.

To make sure we go on offering the best service we can, Perfect Wiki will be increasing pricing. This increase will enable us to develop new functionalities, add more features and bring even more tools to make your work in Perfect Wiki more efficient and comfortable.

The Basics

Our new price for COMPANY plan will be $4 USD per user per month if paid annually. For ENTERPRISE plan new price will be $12 USD per user per month if paid annually.

Changes for current users on a paid subscription

  • Your monthly price won't change
  • Price for all the purchases completed before the 5th of March, 2023 will remain the same
  • Adding new members to your subscription after the 5th of March will be charged according to your current plan, e.g. price won't change.

Changes for current free plan users

The free plan will continue to be a great solution for very small teams or users that want to try Perfect Wiki before committing.

  • A free plan will still remain forever free
  • A free plan limits will remain the same
  • To get more users, subscribe to the paid plan, promoting the subscription will be charged according to the new pricing plan after the 5th of March, 2023

If you have any concerns about the changes or want to know how they will affect your current subscription, drop us a line at or book a call.

Below we list the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

Common questions

How can I find out how many users I have?

Go to "Settings" → "Users", all users that have "Admin" or "Member" roles count as users. (Users in your team labeled as “Blocked” do not have access to Perfect Wiki and do not count as paid users.)

How can I assign user licenses?

Go to "Settings" → "Users", all users that have "Admin" or "Member" roles are paid users, if you want to remove the license from a user, assign them to “Blocked.”

Do external users count as paid accounts?

We count all users of your organization who have access to Perfect Wiki. We do not count external users (publicly accessible pages).

Will the price change for my subscription?

All the subscriptions and licenses purchased before the 5th of March, 2023 will still be charged according to the old pricing plan.

Still have questions about new pricing?

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