Perfect Wiki Is Changing Pricing Plans on July 1, 2022

Published on June 21, 2022 by Ilia P
Perfect Wiki new pricing model

Thank you for your trust in Perfect Wiki. We pay close attention to user feedback, and we are changing our pricing based on client needs. Our users vary from very small teams to big corporations. With our previous fixed monthly rate, teams of 3 people have been paying the same monthly fee as teams with 100 people.

We are changing our plans to a per-user model to better align our pricing with the value and personalized customer support that Perfect Wiki provides. This will also help us pay our user support team fairly for the work they do helping our users troubleshoot and set up their accounts.

The new pricing will allow clients who need less to pay less, and growing teams can easily and affordably scale their Perfect Wiki pricing when they add new users.

The Basics

Our new price will be $2.5 USD per user per month, taxes included.

Changes for current users on a paid subscription

  • Your monthly price won't change
  • You will get a free upgrade to unlimited number of pages per channel
  • All your existing users will get a license for free. All new users will cost you $2.5/month per user.

Changes for current free plan users

The free plan will continue to be a great solution for very small teams or users that want to try Perfect Wiki before committing.

  • All free plan users will have a 3 free user limit.
  • You won’t lose any of your content, but users that exceed this limit will not have access to Perfect Wiki.
  • To get more users, subscribe to the paid plan.

If you have any concerns about the changes or want to know how they will affect your current subscription, read the FAQs below or drop us a line at

Below you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions.

Common questions

How can I find out how many users I have?

Go to "Account & Settings" → "Users", all users that have "Admin" or "Member" roles count as users. (Users in your team labeled as “Blocked” do not have access to Perfect Wiki and do not count as paid users.)

How can I assign user licenses?

Go to "Account & Settings" → "Users", all users that have "Admin" or "Member" roles are paid users, if you want to remove the license from a user, assign them to “Blocked.”

Do external users count as paid accounts?

We count all users of your organization who have access to Perfect Wiki. We do not count external users (publicly accessible pages).

Can I upgrade/downgrade the number of users?

Any time, reach out to us at to upgrade/downgrade.

Do you automatically bill for new users added to Perfect Wiki?

No, if you buy a license for 5 users and later realize you need more users, email us at to upgrade your license.

When new pricing will take place?

New pricing will be enabled for all new customers on July 1st, 2022. If you want it right now, send your request to Please add your support key to the message body.

Still have questions about new pricing?

PerfectWiki Questions

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