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Top service and customer orientation

β€œPerfect Wiki provides fast and friendly service, and demonstrates a desire to accommodate customer needs in its product. Collaborative work is also quick and easy.”

Christian G.
Security and Investigations
The best for documenting procedures in MS teams

β€œIn perfect Wiki we found: safe procedures, multiple sharing options, constant updates, fantastic customer support and much more!”

Robin S.
ICT Manager
Way better then other solutions

β€œPerfect Wiki helps creating nice documents quickly and easily, and collaborating with teams to share and discuss information.”

Eric K.
Executive Director
User-friendly easy to use tool

β€œPerfect Wiki offers a modern interface seamlessly integrated into MS Teams, allowing users to easily structure data and collaborate. Support is fast and helpful.”

Verified User
Financial Services
Great product for Teams

β€œThe search is great and articles can be easily organized and presented. An excellent knowledge base.”

Luc G.
IT Support Supervisor
The tool is amazing!

β€œWe use Perfect Wiki as online and print available information source option for our employees. There are many times when a printed version is necessary”

Andrea Wells
Business Analyst, The Greenbrier Companies
Exactly what we need

β€œVery happy about how it works and how easily we can now avoid people from unintentionally edit wikis, and also keep information much more prominent and easy to search/find.”

Jorge Azofeifa
Program Director, Hangar Worldwide
We like to use it

β€œThe Perfect Wiki is much better than the Microsoft Wiki. We like to use it. The support is also excellent. Response times and bug fixes are extremely fast. Integration is also easy.”

Phillip Gabold
Cloud Migration & Implementation Specialist, Accenture DACH
Very easy to use

β€œThe built-in wiki in Teams is sorely lacking some basic wiki features like permissions, search, and copy/paste. PerfectWiki nailed all those pain points.”

Christian Ocampo
IT Director, National Health Foundation
Ideal choice

β€œFound ideal choice: knowledge base integrated in MS Teams. Quick search & dynamic sharing for SOPs, FAQs & guidelines with shared access for employees & customers - perfect wiki has it all!”

Markus Scholz
CEO at an Austrian IT Innovation company
In the know with Perfect Wiki

β€œPerfect Wiki: A Wikipedia-like knowledge sharing platform for training; interactive tables of content, linking system for well-structured knowledge. Perfectly suits our team.”

Robbert van Oosten
Business Analyst from a Dutch engineering company
Robin Steen - Head of the ICT department at ARhus

β€œUsers are not losing time with the layout of their document or with finding the correct procedure they currently need. No one needs a manual to set up a page or edit the documents. Plus, knowing the documents can be retrieved, or rolled back to a previous version, gives great comfort to the IT-department.”

Robin Steen

Head of the ICT department at ARhus

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