How the Medical Center set up an efficient knowledge base with Perfect Wiki

November 07, 2022 by Alexa Uskova • 3 min read • Use Case

How the Medical Center set up an efficient knowledge base with Perfect WikiThe Kruispost is a medical center offering medical and psychosocial care to people who generally do not qualify for the mainstream healthcare system i.e. uninsured people, homeless people and asylum seekers. The organization is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The mission of the Kruispost team was to create an integrated knowledge base. The goal was to unify and categorize medical documentation and other types of information.

How the Medical Center set up an efficient knowledge base with Perfect Wiki

Joop Campioni kindly shared their experience and results of using Perfect Wiki in the Kruispost. They managed to create a knowledge base of medical protocols with Perfect Wiki.

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The Kruispost success story: at a glance

Challenge: Creating an efficient knowledge base for a medical organization is not an easy task. A Microsoft Teams built-in Wiki did not seem to fit the requirements of the Kruispost.

How Perfect Wiki Helped: Perfect Wiki turned out to be the application that helped to exchange, store and edit documents and information in an accessible and efficient way due to its functionality.

Results: As a result, the Kruispost could get rid of additional paperwork and obtain better control of the documentation\information flow in the organization.

What was the challenge facing the Kruispost?

Question: What problem or challenge did you face that made you turn to Perfect Wiki?

Answer: The Kruispost offers medical and psychosocial care to people that can’t find help at regular care organizations. We needed to set up a knowledge base for the volunteers, doctors, psychologists, and social workers that work at the Kruispost. The knowledge base consists of medical protocols and other vital information.

Question: Have you used any knowledge base solutions before, and if so, which ones?

Answer: Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams was a key requirement. The out of the box solution, Microsoft Teams app “Wiki” from Microsoft, did not meet our requirements.

How did Perfect Wiki help?

Question: How did Perfect Wiki help you to solve this challenge?

Answer: Perfect Wiki helped to resolve all the challenges we faced, due to the functionality, such as:

  • Perfect integration with MS Teams
  • Search function
  • User management with roles and rights
  • Upload of existing content in word format
  • Linking between content items, within in content page and external links
  • WYSIWYG editor with enough functionality to edit and format pages without steep learning curve

What were the results?

Question: What improvements did you see after starting to use Perfect Wiki? What results did you achieve?

Answer: The launch of our Perfect Wiki knowledge base allowed us to get rid of all paper versions of medical protocols. Keeping all paper copies of protocols up to date and version control of content was very cumbersome and required a lot of effort. Now we have a one stop shop within Microsoft Teams that volunteers can access at work, from home and on the go on their mobile devices.

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