Streamlined Collaboration in Research: Perfect Wiki Review

July 01, 2024 by Alexa Uskova • 3 min read • Use Case

Streamlined Collaboration in Research: Perfect Wiki Review

This post is based on an insightful interview with our esteemed customer, Tanmaya Ramachandran.


As a student leading a team for an international science research competition, I found Perfect Wiki to be an asset, especially in my team’s project proposal drafting. To collect our research we needed an information archive of, documents, references, code files, links etc. which would eventually form our paper, bibliography, and appendices. This article discusses the app's advantages for our use-case, and areas for improvement.

Our Challenge

We needed to find a knowledge base that could structure and standardize the information across all the team members’ collected research. Synchronicity between accounts was essential, and usability for high school students with different levels of technical expertise. Perfect Wiki proved especially useful due to its review features, search functions, levels of subpages with a simple interface, export of wiki pages and version history.


Compatibility with Microsoft

The stand-out feature of Perfect Wiki in my use-case is its seamless compatibility with Microsoft Teams and its tools. This ensures that users can effortlessly integrate their research documents, images, presentations, and spreadsheets created in Microsoft Office Suite into their wiki pages, forming a cohesive research environment.

Synchronicity Across Accounts

Synchronicity across multiple accounts is particularly beneficial for team coordination, allowing team members to stay updated in real-time on project developments and contributions – this has accelerated my team’s overall productivity.

Review Features

Notable features of Perfect Wiki are the recent view indicator, modifications, and comments, features. These provide feedback as to the reach and engagement of shared content, more so than doc editing applications such as Microsoft Teams and Google Docs. These features have fostered a sense of accountability within my team, ensuring that important updates and documents do not go unnoticed, and streamlines the editing process.

Tree-style Subpage Structure

Users may prefer to organize their content hierarchically for a large number of documents, and Perfect Wiki allows for this, making it easier for team members to locate and access relevant information.

Simple Interface 

As a straightforward alternative to Slack or GitHub for my team, Perfect Wiki’s intuitive interface that caters to users with varying levels of technical expertise. This accessibility makes Perfect Wiki a flexible option for students and researchers who prioritize ease of use.

Areas for Improvement

Interface - Design of Pages and Toolbar

While Perfect Wiki offers a largely intuitive format, there is room for improvement in the design of pages and the toolbar. Enhancements in these areas could improve the navigation and overall user experience within the app. Comment from Perfect Wiki team: we now about this issue and working on better UX.

Delayed Login Experience 

One drawback of Perfect Wiki is the lagging login experience reported by some users, through Microsoft. Addressing this issue would contribute to smoother user interactions. Comment from Perfect Wiki team: this issue is solved on April 2024.

Concluding Remarks

Overall, Perfect Wiki is a promising tool in the arsenal of students and researchers alike. Its intuitive design allows for streamlined organisation of written material over Microsoft Teams, and collaboration of a large volume of authors on documents. As a result of Perfect Wiki implementation, my team can readily access our knowledgebase from any location, and track each member’s changes, accelerating our progress in this project. 

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