How a Pet Food Company Increased Customer Trust by 37% with a Perfect Wiki FAQ Database in MS Teams

May 23, 2022 by Alexa Uskova • 6 min read • Use Case

How a Pet Food Company Increased Customer Trust by 37% with a Perfect Wiki FAQ Database in MS Teams

Are internal company consistency and customer trust related? As it turns out, they most certainly are.

Jubilee Vega, a plant-based pet food and supplement company in the UK, shared their story of how creating a single source of product information for their sales team in Perfect Wiki boosted customer trust and retention.

We chatted with Jubilee Vega CEO, Dustin McDormand, MD. His mission is to apply his medical background and love for cats and dogs to create pet food that promotes a long and healthy life.

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What was the challenge facing Jubilee Vega?

Jubilee Vega’s team has always had a loyal customer base - the result of open, honest communication and a consistently high-quality product.

“Our customers want the best for their pets, so they come to us with a lot of technical questions about allergies, food and supplement side effects, and other medical concerns.

And as an MD, I know how important it is that our sales department gives accurate, consistent information to our clients.”

But their customer relations faced new challenges when they moved to primarily remote work in 2020.

“We stored our medical resources and information for our sales department in Word documents, and this worked just fine pre-pandemic. Once all our callers started working from home, Word became such a hassle to update. We had to send out doc updates to each employee individually, and crucial information was easily lost sometimes.”

Word is inherently limited in its function as a company knowledge base - it’s a standalone document that isn’t designed to be regularly updated or collaborated on.

“This resulted in inconsistent information given to customers. And when you get contradicting information on things like pet allergies or vegan food side effects, you will probably lose trust in the product.”

Dustin felt personally responsible for the reputation of his brand, and wanted to improve the way his sales team communicated important medical information to clients.

Goal: Adapt product information for remote work and improve customer trust

It was clear that a big change was needed in how Jubilee Vega approached internal knowledge management.

“We realized at some point that everyone in the sales department working remotely had Microsoft Teams installed, so I started looking for wiki and knowledge base options that would work inside Teams.”

After doing some research, Dustin discovered Perfect Wiki and decided to give it a try.

“The goal was to find a solution for MS Teams that would make it easy to update our sales resources for the whole team at once, you know? I really wanted the remote work set-up to work smoothly, and I needed my customer-facing team to feel confident when answering questions on a call with a pet owner.”

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Solution: Creating a “Frequently Asked Questions” library in Perfect Wiki.

Dustin and his team moved all their processes to Microsoft Teams, and used Perfect Wiki to store their database of food and supplement information.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could import our Word documents with all the product information into Perfect Wiki and they instantly became usable and editable pages.”

After a quick chat with our developer team, Jubilee Vega learned how to optimize their preexisting resources and make them easy to search through and use inside Perfect Wiki.

“We had to edit the documents a bit to align with Perfect Wiki’s format, like manually create an easy-access table of contents and link relevant pages to one another. But we did that pretty quickly, and the links and headings made the documents even better.”

“The smart search function has been a hit with the sales team - they can quickly look through all the pages and find an answer without even needing to put the customer on hold.”

With the help of Perfect Wiki’s easy-to-use page formatting, Dustin and his exec team made the customer communication process even easier by putting all the technical information into an easy-to-read FAQ format.

Together with the sales team, they made a list of the biggest concerns their buyers had, and compiled them into a list of questions and answers.

They also separated the FAQs by topics such as “vegan diet benefits,” “allergies,” and “side effects” using the “subpage” feature. That way the call team could point the customer in the right direction if they had vague questions, and they could find answers easier if the questions were more specific.

Results: Stronger Customer Trust, Increased Employee Independence

Positive results did not take long.

“Based on the feedback form our clients filled out after a call with a salles rep, they really were feeling much more at peace with the answers they were receiving.”

Jubilee Vega used their satisfaction forms before moving their resources to Perfect Wiki, so they were able to compare numbers and comments, and found that both overall customer satisfaction and sales numbers increased significantly.

“It makes a difference. When customers feel like their very specific question has a medically verified AND consistent answer, they are ready to take the next step and try our pet food.”

The sales team was also making shorter calls and, as a result, more calls in a day. The FAQ page format they used in Perfect Wiki made every conversation more efficient and increased sales and employee confidence.

“I think storing all our evidence-based information as an understandable FAQ library in Perfect Wiki really boosted our sales reps’ confidence. They don’t have to get answers out of thin air or wait anxiously for information from upper management. They are now completely autonomous in their work, and I believe self-directedness is crucial to job satisfaction.”

What Jubilee Vega Did: a step by step guide

Here is how Dustin and his team moved their existing library of product information into Perfect Wiki and use it successfully in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Imported their existing knowledge base in Word format to Perfect Wiki inside MS Teams
  2. Updated their product information by consulting with the medical team and CEO
  3. Consulted with the sales team on recurring questions from pet owners
  4. Put the most burning customer concerns into an FAQ format with subpages for each topic
  5. Put exec-approved helpful information into a “Resources” page in Perfect Wiki
  6. Added a navigable table of contents to each page using the “Headings” feature
  7. Linked the “Resources” page in any FAQs that might need further clarification
  8. Granted page editing permissions to a small group of team experts
  9. Got feedback from the sales team and customers to track results.

Create Your Own Success Story with Perfect Wiki’s FAQ Template

The template provides a structure for a “Frequently Asked Questions” wiki page, can be adapted to your unique needs, and includes helpful tips and best practices on making a usable set of customer questions and answers.

How a Pet Food Company Increased Customer Trust by 37% with a Perfect Wiki FAQ Database in MS Teams

Formatting your internal product knowledge base in an FAQ format works because:

  • The “Question and Answer” structure is quick to read and search through
  • It can be easily updated with new questions from customers
  • You can separate the FAQs by topic using subpages

Optimize your wealth of team knowledge for easy use, right inside Microsoft Teams channels. No credit card required.

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