How ARhus, a State-of-the-Art Knowledge Hub in Belgium, Standardized Their SOPs with Perfect Wiki

Published on June 06, 2022 by Nicole MaraHow ARhus, a State-of-the-Art Knowledge Hub in Belgium, Standardized Their SOPs with Perfect Wiki

ARhus is an innovative knowledge center and learning space in West Flanders, Belgium. Their vision is to facilitate a dynamic community of learning open to citizens to participate in and contribute to, right inside Roeselare’s well-loved public library.

How ARhus, a State-of-the-Art Knowledge Hub in Belgium, Standardized Their SOPs with Perfect Wiki

Robin Steen is Head of the ICT department at ARhus, and he was kind enough to share how he used Perfect Wiki to centralize and separate standard operating procedures (SOPs) by department inside Microsoft Teams.

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ARhus success story: at a glance

Challenge: Find a knowledge base for storing disorganized Word docs that has minimal set-up time, version and permissions control, and full-text search inside MS Teams.

How Perfect Wiki Helped: Company SOPs separated by department with their own Perfect Wiki pages, information easily found with smart search, version control and editing restrictions protect crucial content.

Results: An easy-to-use database of company procedures, security and peace of mind for the IT department, and users don’t lose time with document layout or searching through disorganized content.

What was the challenge facing ARhus?

Question: What knowledge base solutions have you tried before?

Answer: “Our company had used an assortment of different knowledge applications, but each had their problems…using Word became a problem in many ways: a lot of our colleagues had different versions of the written procedures on their own device. OneNote quickly became problematic in sharing items, having a layout that was all over the place and no easy way of having a table of contents. The MS Teams built-in Wiki seemed like a good idea, but quickly showed its faults (unable to export, unable to search, permanent deletion by anyone).”

Question: So what was the biggest issue facing your team?

Answer: “The biggest issue we had with these applications is that they give our colleagues too much freedom to change/store/delete important data.”

How did Perfect Wiki help?

Question: How did Perfect Wiki help you solve your challenge?

Answer: “Perfect Wiki helped us in 4 key areas:

Layout: Each procedure now has the same layout (font, font sizes, available colors). This is a plus for us, since every colleague has their own preference of how a document should look like, which takes time and is impossible to manage. Since these documents are for internal use only, we can focus on the content instead of the looks.

Management: Perfect Wiki stores previous page versions. No more different versions of the same procedure…The most recent update where all documents are locked by default, and you must click “edit” to start editing, is also very handy.

Finding documents: Each team has their own “Procedures” tab, featuring only the documents they need. No more searching through hundreds of unrelated documents, now we have a nice overview of what the team needs.

Using read-only links, or moving procedures from one Team to another, makes it a breeze in sharing the information to other colleagues.

Rights: Some users can edit documents; some users can only read, making it much easier to update the documents if only a handful of users have access to editing the documents.”

Results: peace of mind, easy access, everyone on the same page

Question: What positive changes did you see after starting to use Perfect Wiki to store your team standard operating procedures?

Answer: “Users are not losing time with the layout of their document or with finding the correct procedure they currently need. No one needs a manual to set up a page or edit the documents.

Plus, knowing the documents can be retrieved, or rolled back to a previous version, gives great comfort to the IT-department.”

Ultimately, each Team has their own set of procedures, and there is a great overview of all available procedures within Microsoft Teams.”

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