“Marketing” Wiki Templates for Microsoft Teams for 2022

December 03, 2021  • 5 min read

(This is an article in a series from Perfect Wiki’s “Free Templates” collection — check out the other downloadable templates here.)

“Marketing” Wiki Templates for Microsoft Teams for 2022

When coming up with the winning advertisement strategy for your company, formatting your Marketing Plan wiki pages from scratch may end up stealing your precious time.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a template you could use to organize a “Marketing Plan” page in your wiki in no time?

Fret not, Perfect Wiki has you covered.

Jump right to the template you need:

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💡 Marketing plan

This is where you keep information on all your current advertising efforts. Having all your marketing strategies and data in one place allows your marketing team to keep track of your progress and develop new campaign strategies as needed.


A brief overview of short-term and long-term marketing projects you are working on to reach your company growth goals

ProjectDatesBudgetPersons responsibleGoalsMetrics


Target Market

Beyond the ideal customer profile you have above, you need to have a description of the entire demographic you want to attract. Write the most important characteristics of your target audience, such as gender and ethnic diversity, geographic location, and shopping habits. 



Your messaging strategy is how you talk about yourself as a brand to potential customers. The messages you convey (be they actual text or an emotion) are how you communicate directly with your customer and position yourself in their minds relative to your competitors. 

MessageProduct promiseCustomer Pain pointsProduct proof points

Value Proposition 

A value proposition is a short statement that describes why a customer should choose you over a competitor company. It states the value that your product or service will bring the customer. 

Your value proposition can be short and sweet—between 25 and 50 words.  


Your positioning statement describes how your product is perceived in the minds of your target audience in relation to other companies in the marketplace. 

Short Positioning Statement

25-50 words 

Detailed Positioning Statement

100 words or less 

Target market

Include valuable information on the market you are addressing

Product description 

Write a short description of your product

Short positioning statement

Write a short (~25 words) positioning statement

Detailed positioning statement

Write a detailed (100 words or less) positioning statement

Top-line messageProduct promiseCustomer painProduct proof points


What projects are you going to launch to achieve your goals



ProgramDatesBudget allocationDetails
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These templates are just a small part of what Perfect Wiki has to offer. We offer a whole host of thoughtfully crafted features:

  • full-text typo-tolerant search
  • hassle-free import and export
  • page editing from any device
  • so many more!

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😶 Persona

This is a description of your ideal customer. It will allow the marketing team to craft messages and campaigns for a specific target audience. 

Persona 1 

Persona name:

Persona role:

Job description:


Company name                                                                                           
Company size 

Demographic information

Education level 
Residential environment 
Personal quote                                                                                                
Professional goals Motivators
ChallengesSources of information
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Get your team collaborating on your shared knowledge base today, and don’t worry about coming up with a structure from scratch.

With Perfect Wiki, you get to focus on the content, while we provide templates that guide you through the process.

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