Perfect Wiki vs Atlassian Confluence: Comparing Features

Published on December 01, 2021 by Nicole Mara

Sharing corporate knowledge on a collaborative Microsoft Teams wiki creates a valuable company resource. However, the MS Teams built-in wiki, as you may have already noticed, is a hassle to use and lacks many useful features (you can’t even export your documents to PDF from the app!).

Perfect Wiki vs Atlassian Confluence: Comparing Features

So if you’re looking for an alternative wiki for your Microsoft Teams workspace that will actually make your workflow easier, we have a solution for you. Our MS Teams collaboration tool, Perfect Wiki, was designed with seamless MS Teams integration in mind.

To show you what Perfect Wiki has to offer, we’d like to compare some of our thoughtfully designed features to those of an established wiki workspace, Atlassian Confluence. We are going to compare the two features of these two tools in relation to how they function within Microsoft Teams.

FeaturePerfect WikiAtlassian Confluence
Access & Editing Rightsâś…
Mobile Appâś…
In-app MS Teams editing
Need separate Confluence app to edit
Microsoft Teams IntegrationFull integrationMost functions on web app only
Data Import from Built-in Wikiâś…
Seamless Transfer
Search OptionsFull-text
Text highlights
Limited search options within MS Teams
No text highlight
New Member InvitationNo invitation needed - users automatically addedEmail invitation
Separate Logins for Confluence and MS Teams
PricingFree for up to 15 wiki pages
$35/month fixed Standard Subscription
$75/month fixed Premium Subscription
Unlimited number of users
Free for up to 10 users
$5.50/month per user Standard Subscription
$10.50/month per user for Premium Subscription


Atlassian Confluence is a remote collaboration workspace that allows members of a company to create a shared collection of business-relevant knowledge and documents. It’s a standalone wiki that can be used with Microsoft Teams, however, it was not designed with seamless MS Teams compatibility in mind.

Find more information on Confluence on their official website.

Perfect Wiki is a wiki designed especially for use within Microsoft Teams. We developed it when we realized that wiki tools are not always perfectly compatible with Microsoft Teams, nor are they always affordable for smaller enterprises. Our mission was to create a self-sufficient and intuitive wiki tool that has a limited number of intentionally crafted, efficient, and powerful features. While Confluence has a larger number of overall features, the complexity of the Confluence installation process and its imperfect functioning within Microsoft Teams may actually hinder its promise of productivity.

That being said, we want to do justice to Confluence and give you, the reader, a fair comparison of their legacy to our mission with Perfect Wiki. Let’s take a close look at some of the features these apps have to offer.

Access and Editing Rights

Both Perfect Wiki and Confluence allow company admin to customize who can edit their wiki pages. While some employees have editing rights, the rest can be manually set to read-only mode.

Team admin can also restrict access to sensitive or confidential information with both of these wiki apps by restricting certain pages to a limited list of users.

Mobile App

Confluence and Perfect Wiki both have mobile versions of their interfaces that teams can use in read-only mode. The mobile versions are handy for when you are away from the office and need to double-check information for meetings and remote work.

However, while Confluence only allows wiki editing on their separate mobile app, Perfect Wiki lets you work on your shared documents right from the Microsoft Teams mobile version.

See what Perfect Wiki looks like in its app below.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Once again, Confluence was not made for Microsoft Teams, so its functioning within the Teams app is actually quite limited. If you are looking to combine your MS Teams workspace with Confluence, your team will have to have separate logins for each app, which is definitely an efficiency roadblock to consider. The only feature that was recently designed specifically for use with MS Teams is the Confluence Cloud for note-taking during virtual Teams meetings. The rest of the features can only be used in the separate Confluence app.

What really sets Perfect Wiki apart from Confluence is its compatibility with Microsoft Teams. This was the gap in the market we were looking to fill, since so many corporations work in Teams but haven’t had a wiki app that was made with Teams integration in mind. Perfect Wiki lives and breathes in Teams, which is why the installation process is so straightforward, and any updates we make to the app in the future will only deepen the love affair between Perfect Wiki and Microsoft Teams.

Data Import From Built-in Wiki

You most likely already have a large database of company content you are thinking of moving to a new wiki. Document transfer is no one’s favourite task, so getting it over with as quickly and easily as possible is the goal. Perfect Wiki lets you do just that—we designed the tool with seamless transfer from one wiki to the other in mind. In just a few simple steps, you can grab your existing data from the built-in Teams wiki and transfer them straight to your Perfect Wiki workspace, all while preserving the document format.

Watch our video tutorial and blog post on how to export your content from the built-in MS Teams wiki straight to Perfect Wiki, hassle-free.

Confluence, on the other hand, does not allow users to import content directly from the MS Teams wiki. To get your documents into your Confluence database, you will have to export each folder or page separately from the built-in wiki. On top of that, you will have to manually convert each file to a web-readable format before you can upload your content to Confluence. It’s a lot of work for a function that could definitely be streamlined.

New Member Invitation

Adding your Microsoft Teams members to the Confluence wiki takes work—your team does not automatically transfer from MS Teams to Confluence. You will have to (once again) manually add your members by sending out email invitations, and your staff will have to use separate logins for each workspace.

We at Perfect Wiki wanted to remove this productivity roadblock, so we’ve made adding team members to your Perfect Wiki channels as simple as possible. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything—your MS Teams members will automatically be added to the Perfect Wiki channel once it’s installed. New hires will also be automatically added to the plugin, so you can go straight to creating and sharing knowledge without having to wait for employees to join the workspace.


So for all these similarities to Confluence (and more than one advantage), what’s the price difference?

Confluence offers a generous free plan for small companies with access to its basic features, and its Standard Plan starts at $5.50 per user. This isn’t significant if you’re a relatively small team, but can quickly become a sizable amount once you start growing your company. The Premium Plan pricing is even steeper at $10.50 per user.

See the full details of each Confluence subscription plan here.

Confluence Pricing Overview

Perfect Wiki has fixed prices for each plan regardless of how many users you have. Our Standard Plan is just $35 a month, and even less (about $29/month) if you pay for an annual subscription. We don’t want you to worry about your company growth affecting your software budget—add as many new wiki collaborators as you want!

See our subscription options here.

Perfect Wiki Pricing Overview

So What’s The Verdict?

To sum up, Confluence definitely has a lot of useful features to offer. However, they are best used outside of Microsoft Teams. Using the two apps together might end up creating more work for you in the end. Plus, the paid Confluence plans are a serious budget consideration for small to medium companies. If your company is already comfortably settled in Microsoft Teams, we don’t recommend making Confluence your go-to wiki.

In the end, what you need is an app that grants you maximum productivity and allows you to do the bulk of your company-related work all in one place. Instead of forcing you to constantly switch between workspaces, Perfect Wiki offers all the most powerful functions of Confluence (and more) within a collaboration space that is already familiar to you—Microsoft Teams. Gone are the days of losing your productivity streak every time you need to switch gears into a different app—Perfect Wiki’s seamless integration with MS Teams is designed to keep you in the flow.

Perfect Wiki offers all the salient functions that Confluence has and more, while saving you from the headache of transfering your team and your corporate information from one workspace to another. We want you to focus on the collaboration aspect of knowledge sharing, while we take care of the technicalities. What’s more, Perfect Wiki will not break your bank—our fixed rate paid plans do not charge more or less based on company size.

So grow your company with confidence and enjoy seamless knowledge management from the comfort of Microsoft Teams. And add as many new employees and pages as you like—with Perfect Wiki, it doesn’t cost extra.

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